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about me

Making the invisible visible...


... is important for me in my paintings as well as in my seminars and publications. I am very inspired by human beings and their deepest emotions and want to transfer their emotional messages into my artworks. A language which usually remains invisible.


"Reverence for life" (Albert Schweitzer) is my view of daily living. I wanna share this with my 2015-project: "Life is an artwork".





I love strong colours, especially red as the blood of life and paint in series on issues that affect me. My paintings do not have any title, because: "The less we are determined from outside, the stronger one's perception." is my mayor concern.


Material: Oil & Acrylic, Coal, Oilpastels on canvas, paper, wood  




Exhibitions Austria

Since 2002 a lot of exhibitions in public places, cultural points and museums in Austria.


Exhibitions International

2007 Internationale Biennale Contemporary Art, Florence/Italy

2008 "Lure" Broadway Gallery, SoHo, New York

2009 "La vuelta del arte", Castellon (Spain)

2010 "Making the invisible visible" Ruhr 2010 (EU Capital of Culture)

2012 "quadriART2012", EAGLE Gallery, Berlin

2012 "Parallax Art Fair", SoHo, New York

2014 "La joie de la vie" Centro Cultural Loyola, Monterrey/Mexico

2014 "GRAUZONE", Leverkusen

2015 AthensArt International Arts Festival, Skala Oropos/Greece


Art Project:

"Entrecóte – Karambolage Farmer’s Animals"



Further competencies: 

Author, Ghostwriting

Consulting - Corporate Cultural Responsibility

Certified Cultural Manager