about me


Monika Iatrou is a painter who lives and works in Vienna and Athens. Albert Schweitzer´s words "Respect for Life" is her view of daily living as well. Protection of environmental and animals, as well as a critical view at social developments are part of her life and work. She particularly criticizes inappropriate livestock farming methods as an inacceptable development, which on the other hand this behavior represents an image whose lack of respect is manifested in many ways, especially in behavior of people towards themselves.

Her painting is dominated by intense colors, especially red as the blood of life. She does not give any title to her paintings, because: "The less we get influences from outside, the stronger is our own perception.“

Since 2002 she presents her works in numerous group and individual exhibitions in public institutions, cultural centers and museums in Austria as well as in New York, Athens, Germany, Spain and Mexico. She was represented at the International Bienniale of Florence and implements projects in the context of the creative economy. 


Art Project:

"Entrecóte – Karambolage Farmer’s Animals"


Further competencies: 

Author, Ghostwriting

Consulting - Corporate Cultural Responsibility

Certified Cultural Manager