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"Ο Γλάρος" "Seagull" Meropion, Athens

12.-14. Februar 2018. Organization:

UNESCO Piräus & Islands 

Art Calendar 2018 

UNESCO Piräus & Islands, Thema: "Seagull"(March)

 Art Calendar 2018 

AthensART International "Rembetiko"


Mosaik Tiffanyglas, Artwork: Monika Iatrou
Mosaik Tiffanyglas, Artwork: Monika Iatrou

Hommage to Nikos Kazantzakis

well known greek writer, poet and philosopher (1883-1957). 


This international exhibition started in October in MEROPION (next Akropolis) in Athens. To be continued in other cities in Greece, greek islands and abroad (2017-2018).


10.-17.12.2017 Cultural Centre Vironas, Athens 


02.-07.10.2017 Meropion, Athens


Exhibition in October was under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Organized by the Center of Arts 4 Seasons in collaboration with UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands.  E-catalogue with all artists in October.