by Thorsten Hülsberg

Oktober 2014, Leverkusen

"La joie de la vie"

Centro Cultural Loyola, Monterrey/Mexico

Sept 1 - Sept 30, 2014


26 artists from 18 countries are participating. All artworks, after the exhibition, will be donated to the Children Public Hospital Universitario.


e-catalogue with all artists

Press Article in: Homes & Lifestyle "The Art of Living"
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Karambolage Massentierhaltung, Vienna

31. Oktober bis 11. November 2012

Opening hier

Parallax Art Fair, 3. - 5. August 2012, SOHO, New York

Exhibition "quadriART2012"

EAGL gallery, Berlin
Feber, 04. - March, 31., 2012


Opening Impressions

Video - Youtube

Project „Lure”, Broadway Gallery in SoHo, NY

Commentary by Milton Fletcher , NY Arts Magazine:

Monika Iatrou also investigates figuration and the body, but as a mode of questioning physical alienation.In her most compelling work, depicting a gaunt, angular human face with hollow eyes, she echoes a German Expressionist aesthetic, yet transcends it through a particularly postmodern perspective. Here she self-consciously emphasizes the subject-object looking relationship, making the subject (or viewer) painfully self-aware of his objectifying gaze of “the other”, resulting in a reevaluation of the hegemonic structures informing the looking relationship he participates in.


Press release „Lure“, NY:

New York Arts Magazine

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